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Wow, somebody was bored, reading threads from 2010!

My reply from WAY back then was the lee classic cast. For the money, AND the features, it's the best and still made in the good ol' USA.

All steel links, compound leverage, and the best feature is the spent primer disposal is positive through the hollow ram into a clear plastic tube on the bottom of the ram. It can either be left capped to accumulate them, or directed into a trash can,(they're brass, so saving them to go with your scrap brass adds to the $$$ you get when you recycle them).

The Lee bashers will say they're junk, but they have never used one! They are as solid as a rock, very precise and easy to use. NO I do not work for Lee, in fact I work at being retired!

Here's one pic I took while loading the all brass shotshells with the 1-ΒΌ diameter RCBS shotshell dies. Easy-squeeze with the removable die bushing.

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