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I agree. I am a compulsive tinkerer, fixer. I get bored with a gun that never has any problems. That is why I like Colt 1911's, they have given me many opportunities to keep me busy over the years.
I, too, have had many happy years tinkering with my 1911's!

I also learned that you can tinker waaay too much (and hastily reverse course back to basics!) and spend waaay too much on custom work. But that's all part of experiencing the 1911 lifestyle to the fullest.

A "rite of passage" for a great many 1911 enthusiasts is to buy a reliable new 1911, tinker with stuff -just because you can- and because you are lead to believe that you should... only to find that you've spent a bunch more money and sacrificed reliability for unnecessary, whiz-bang, custom goodies, then having learned some new lessons, happily retreat back to reliable 1911 basics.

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