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1911s. When I first got into guns, I had only .22s. I was wanting a .357 Ruger Security-Six very badly. Ended up with a Ruger Redhawk instead, just because I still think it to be one of the most beautiful revolvers ever made. Then I got the urge for a 1911. I found it to be the most perfect handgun for my hands I've ever picked up. This was in the 80s. The specimen I bought was an incredible bargain, so I thought, stainless, adjustable trigger, gorgeous. But an AMT Govt. model was no marvelous piece of machinery. After a couple years of trying to get it to run reliably and a trip back to AMT, I gave up on it. But not the design. It was traded as a down payment on a Colt Mark IV. I now have 3 1911s and one is my EDC. It will be forever be my favorite handgun, as I have many other designs that just rate below it whatever their make. The Redhawk is yet the only revolver I own, as I'm an auto guy in general and a 1911 guy in particular.
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