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True to a point. But the serious shooters (a few of them whom I would catagorize as "best") I shoot with in Bullseye matches invariably opt for the most accurate pistol they can afford to compete with; both in terms of its intrinsic accuracy and a configuration and features that enhance the shooter's skill level.
We don't really disagree on this point -- we're just emphasizing different aspects of one part of the shooting experience.

My point is simply that for most of us mortals, a super-fine trigger isn't going to make that much difference, while a crappy one will. You never claimed otherwise.

For those of us that aren't among the very best Bullseye shooters, spending money on a high level of trigger refinement is probably money wasted rather than money well spent. For the super-stars of the sport (as is arguably the case in any sport), it probably DOES make a difference.
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