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Operation of CZ 75 Compact Clone (Canik c-100)

Hello All,

I have recently acquired my first handgun, a Canik55 C-100 pistol. Love the way it feels and the fit and finish is great, everything I hoped it would be.

But, I have a few questions about the guns operation:

1. When unloaded, is there anyway to release the slide without using the Slide release? I picked this weapon up at my local FFL dealer and I swear he showed me a way of pulling the slide further back and it releasing, but I have been unable to replicate this and the operators manual is not clear.

2. With a blow-back style pistol, is it hard on the gun to use the slide release to release the slide when the chamber is empty? If so, would I be better off pressing the slide release, but then riding the slide back into its locked position?

Thanks for the help,

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