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A wide variety of soloutions here. As with everyone else... I have my own.

There are some people for whom their personal survival is of the highest priority. Nothing wrong with that... It's most human. There are others who have different priorities. Those who are willing to risk sacrificing themself for the better of their community or society. Some will expidite out of the danger zone... some will stand and give it their best shot.

No shame in either. I believe myself to be one of those who will stand and fight. If I have a gun I'll fight with the gun... if I have a knife that will have to do. The one thing I am equipped with is my belief that I will prevail... against any odds. I never enter a confrontation with a defeatist attitude. I dont believe I can win... I KNOW I CAN WIN!

If you practice hed shots... you will make head shots.
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