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3-inch magnum #4 Buckshot

I have patterned this loading (using Remington - about 25 shells) and it appears to be about 6mm or .25 cal. There are 41 projectiles in the mag load and 27 in the 2.75 load. The mag load makes one hell of a boom when it goes off and the pattern is very intense at 25 yards. I have read write-ups where people have said they dont feel #4 will penetrate. The Remington loads went deep into the dirt bank behind the back-stop. I had similar results with the Winchester loadings as well but did not really get to study the Winchester loading as effectively as I only had three Winchester shells. Recoil seemed rather stout in the #4 mag load; Winchester seemed slightly more recoil than the Remington. I noted the Remington made a slightly different sound. I was very impressed with the intensity of the #4 mag pattern and the depth it went into the dirt from 25 yards - just over 12 inches into the bank (clay, loam and sand mix).

In firing the #4 loadings, I thought about the MP-5 on rock-and-roll spits out 30 rounds of 9mm fairly quickly before the magazine runs dry. But the #4 mag buck put 41 projectiles on target instantaneously in a virtual hail-storm of lead. Shooting from a position of cover, leaning out to target and fire the MP-5 has an increased exposure time to get a significant amount of fire power into the target zone. With the #4 buck, one has only split-second exposure time to place 41 projectiles into the target zone. There is obviously some advantages, depending upon how one looks at the situation.

I noted the FBI had in the past reccommended #4 buck. But I also note that experienced shot gunners are not really impressed or very interested in using #4, as it seems they lack confidence in the ability to penetrate.

In the opinion of the shooters on this forum, would #4 be an effective combat load beyond the 25 yard mark?

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