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Jerry for a flatter shooting round such as that which I used in the GBL in my earlier post, I can recommend H4198 (which is known as AR2207 here), 56 grains which is a lower end load in the Hodgdon 1895 data, over a 300g HP jacketed bullet. I use a standard primer.

This load chronos 2250fps in my GBL, and sighted 2.8 inches high at 100y gives you a PB range +/- 3 inches all the way out to around 190 odd yards.

You could also use H322 however will have to use the full compressed load of around 63g to get those sort of speeds.

Before anyone says it, yes it does have some recoil however it isn't that bad. I am no recoil junkie, but even I find it ok for a session of 20 shots or so over the bench during load development, and in the field it feels downright mild when shooting at game.

I have taken probably 40 pigs of all sizes with this load, the biggest around 120 kilos and it handles them easily. I am using the Sierra HP. Haven't used it on a deer yet but it would suffice for the bigger deer too I am sure. You could go for a Partition if you wanted insurance for large deer like your elk.
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