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The X-10 rings of a 1000 yard LR target is ~20 inches across, so in theory a 2 MOA rifle should be capable of cleaning it.
"In theory", true...
That means the dope must be absolutely perfect, the wind call precise (and in the real world, that's about impossible), and prefect aim/ form/trigger pull from the shooter- like it was locked in a vise...

This won't happen in the real world we shoot in.

I think anyone that tries to use hardware that is less than minute of angle capable is just setting themselves up for frustration based on the parameters you defined (hitting a 2 minute target at 1K)

There is always going to be shooter error, wind call errors, and inconsistency in bullet flight due to any number of factors including velocity, concentricity and neck tension.

The more accurate the hardware, the more leeway for all these "errors"- and still hit the target.

That's all I'm sayin'... It can be done, but more accurate hardware indisputably increases the odds of success.
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