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To each their own, but I'm thinking you're all smoking something funny along with a tinge of John Wayne fueled fantasy of how it's actually going to go down.

Having seen trained Infantryman freeze up in react-to-contact, 99% of you who have no formal training are going to quickly vacate your bowels into your pants (mostly figuratively but also literally in some cases).

I know my ideas aren't very heroic, nor fit into people's John Wayne fantasies, yet having done a thing or two in regards to using weapons under pressure and stress, it would be a rare man who can pull it off, especially when confronted with an unexpected ambush.
Many thoughts here are not intended as heroic, nor fantasy. There are many people here who have trained, and have carried guns into harms way. You are not the only one here to have operated in a dangerous stressful environment.

Speaking for myself, I feel that I have been trained quite well at great expense to the people by the GOV. I feel that being trained, equipt and prepared that I have a moral obligation to stop slaughter.

The last thing I'd do is try to take on an active-shooter (especially one armed with a rifle) with a handgun and only engage in gunplay as a last resort.
A man has got to know his limitations.

FYI - Loss of control to bowls and/or bladder have nothing to do with fear. It is your bodies natural reaction and preparation for fight or flight. If you were as well trained as you profess you would know that.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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