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There are margins of safety built into modern 9mm weapon designs which include the pressures from the widely used Winchester Ranger 127gr. 9mm +P+. I have no qualms about shooting this Winchester factory ammo in any of my various 9mm firearms. I don't use a steady diet of this ammo, as my practice ammo is typically standard 9mm ball target/range fodder. But I have no problem shooting the Ranger +P+, now and then. Nor do I have any problem shooting +P loads... They are only barely hotter than standard stuff anyway... No big deal as far as I'm concerned.

I won't shoot ANY reloads except those I make myself. Nor will I shoot factory ammo from any makers other than Speer, Federal, Winchester, PMC, or Remington. Just my preferences, that's all.

Gun manufacturers routinely issue disclaimers against any reloaded ammo and, often, against +P ammo, generally as a matter of legally covering their bases.

Can use of +P and +P+ accelerate wear as compared to standard fodder? Sure. But you'd have to shoot a heck of a lot of it to notice a difference. Shooting some of it now and then, for me, is insignificant. I use +P and Ranger +P+ as carry loads, not as full time range use loads.

As for what to feed your guns... You should use your own best judgement, and stay within your personal comfort zone.

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