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JMortimer said:
-1 to what KyJim said. 8.5" of penetration in 10% ballistic gelatin. That is out of a J Frame at 866 fps. It do expand but it don't penetrate. To each his own, but with that anemic and impotent penetration, I'd go somewhere else. Here is Brassfetcher video for same:
The Corbon 110 grain DPX is clearly better choice.
Keep in mind that the ballistic gel tests at Brass Fetchers are practically worthless. You'll note the video you linked to stated it was was 20% ballistic gel and standard is 10%. There's also no mention of calibration (which would be meaningless anyway since they are using a non-standard mix).

American Rifleman tested them. Five shot average in 10% calibrated ballistic gel was 11 inches penetration and expansion to .577 inches.

Here's another where the tester used 10% calibrated ballistic gel. Through four layers of denim, penetration was 13 3/4 inch and expansion was .593 inches.

Take a look at this test in Sim-Test Ballistic medium (equivalent to 10% calibrated ballistic gel) from tnoutdoors9 at Penetration through four layers of denim is 12 3/8 inches and expansion to .544 inches average.

All the bullets above retained practically their entire weight.

You can find similar results in test after test. Don't get hung up on Brass Fetchers. I used to really devour every thing they wrote until someone pointed out details like the 20% gel mix.

BTW, not saying there is anything wrong with DPX or certain other loads. However, I have found Gold Dots to be consistently good performers across a variety of handgun calibers and they have shown good performance repeatedly in tests.
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