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I know a Special Forces officer (he really is one, not just pretending to be one) who gave me the worst possible advice I have ever heard.

He said when he saw someone driving poorly that you should confront them directly by getting out of your vehicle and going and talking to them about what they were doing wrong (speeding, ran a stop light, talking on cell phone etc) when they stopped. (I actually saw him do this on two occasions) He said we should not allow people to do this because they put everyone at risk. He was very calm and a matter of fact when he did this.

I have never driven with him since then. Trying to start an encounter with some random stranger by criticizing their driving sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

It occurred to me later that maybe he had one too many trips to Afghanistan and was trying to initiate some kind of hostile/ road rage encounter.

He is one heck of shot and pretty smart with guns though.
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