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Still doing my homework....but


I am doing allot of homework and have narrowed down some of the features I am looking for; actually 2. I want a 9mm and a smaller sized / compact....but that is where I have stopped.

I thought I narrowed it down to brands, either a gloc or xdm but am not sure any more. In one thread I read that there is no real safety on either and not sure if I want that option left out. On thread mentioned about the "potential" of a discharge while holstering the XD because of the handle feature and that may concern me. What are your thoughts about that thought?

This created a stumbling block for me because I have read allot of good things about the Xdm and it seemed right up my alley. I have small hands and the the reports I read and videos I watched, it seemed like the right place to start when I rent/shoot one at the range. Yes, I have yet to hold any gun, but was trying to narrow it down a bit.

My next question is this, are there any similar "quality" handguns that has quality of the gloc or Xdm that has a safety lock on it? To be honest, I am not sure why this seems important to me.

I have read allot of good about the Ruger, but also read some not so good. I have read the same for S&W and a few others.

Am I reading too much? Thinking too much?

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