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Originally Posted by Nanuk:
Doesn't an FMJ tend to slip through vs crush tissue?
For the most part, yes. However, FMJs do damage a very small amount of tissue as they pass through it.

For example, the charts indicate that a 9mm 115 gr FMJRN @ 1100 fps would penetrate to depth of ~26 inches and crush ~30 grams of tissue over that entire distance.

Dividing the total mass within the crush cavity (30 g) over the entire length of the wound channel (26") gives a value of 1.16 grams of tissue crushed for every inch of the bullet's travel. That is a very small amount of tissue that would weigh about 18 grains.

For a perspective of just how small that really is, imagine cutting a .223 55 gr bullet into three pieces. Each of the three pieces would weigh about 18 grains- that is how much tissue is crushed for every inch that the 9mm 115 gr FMJ travels.
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