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If the 73 and it's togle linkage bolt and design cannot take high pressure loads and cartridges then why is Uberti is offering a 44Mag 1873 Short Rifle??? Do they know something more that we do not? A slick 1873 chambered in .44 Magnun would be something and the 44 Mag chamber pressure is way-over what people on this thread concider maximum pressure for the 1873 design. So what gives??? How good is the design and how much pressure can the design take??? Will the rifle shoot loose or blow-up after a 100 rounds or 500??? Or does Uberti know something we don's or have they modified the action lock-up to handle the increased pressure of the .44 Magnum???
Unless I am mistaken (possable) the old SAAMI on the 357 magnum was like 42000 or 45000. I believe buffalo bore still loads to the old spec.

The 44 mag SAAMI is lower pressure than the old 357 SAAMI rating.
Shot placement is everything! I would rather take a round of 50BMG to the foot than a 22short to the base of the skull.

all 26 of my guns are 45/70 govt, 357 mag, 22 or 12 ga... I believe in keeping it simple. Wish my wife did as well...
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