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Here's some details on that shooting, the 9mm bullet (147gr Slivertip, I believe, but would have to look that up) struck the torso from the side, and stopped at the top of the heart. It took out the aorta. IT was a lethal wound. The ME at the time said, "if he had taken that shot at the operating room door, it would be problematical if they could save him" (paraphrase, its been a long time..
From what I have read the round was a 115gr Silver-tip.

That bullet did not fail. It was a lethal wound. What it did not do was instantly STOP the creep. He lived for a bit more than a minute, and during that time fired over 100 rnds from a mini14, killing and wounding several agents, before finally being stopped by hits from a .357, fired at close by a wounded agent as the creep was trying to drive away.
I believe the gun that eventually stop Platt and Matrix was a S&W model 10 or 13 loaded with 38+P LSWCHP fired buy a wounded special agent Edmundo Mireles.

The bottom line is that shooting caused the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to look at bullet ballistics.
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