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If you want to spend the extra bucks...I would pick the Ruger Single Action Hunter: Six shot 22lr/with an extra 22 mag six shot cylinder, V notch rear sight, gold blade front; along with Ruger scope mounts for the notched Ruger barrel.

I prefer shooting my Ruger SA Hunter, over my Ruger Mark Three. I bottom the gold bead in the Hunter V notch rear sight for a 50 yard zero, level the front sight with the top of the rear for a 100 yard zero. The Hunter is an accurate pistol. I shoot metallic spinners, tennis/golf balls at 100/200 yards; at our range {AGC of Marriottsville, in Baltimore County, Maryland}. It's an art form --- in the function of loading and unloading a SA pistol --- that's one of the reasons why I love shooting single action pistols so much.

It sports a 3X Nikon scope --- for even better accuracy.

All I can say is good things about Ruger Repair Service --- fast service, no repair/shipping fee. I broke the anti-reverse paw on my Hunter, about 4 months back. They rebuilt the whole revolver: new hammer and springs, and two new 22lr/22mag cylinder's.

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