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You are correct. Perhaps we should focus then, on the larger picture. He states in the article:

"I've seen more jams -- and experienced them myself -- with the 1911 than with all other types of handguns combined."

That is the point we should focus on.
If you run hardball, lubricate the pistol correctly, ensure the magazines are in good condition, the extractor is tensioned correctly, and verify the ramp / barrel have been setup correctly - the 1911 will run as reliably as any other semi-automatic pistol.

If not - you can have problems.

I have seven 1911's and they all run as reliably as my HK P30, XDm, and FN-X. But, I know what has to be done to the 1911's on a regular basis to ensure they run 100%.

The biggest maintenance problems being - weak magazine springs and dirty extractor.

Now, what else would you like to "focus on"?
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