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I have a single six in .17hmr it's a 7 1/2 inch barreled stainless hunter model. It is currently wearing a 4x20 matte stainless pistol scope (yes it kind of makes it look like han solo's blaster). But you want to talk about tack driving, varmint snap'n, blast at the range, dandy of a pistol.

But I'm a single action guy, If I could only have one out of those two..I'd pick the single six. Nothing more fun to me than being back in the woods at the backstop with a single action plinker in a western rig, blasting everything from spent casings to glass bottles and rotten veggies (for hours, and for less than 10 minuets of shooting with a center fire would cost). but I do have both +.....a plain tapered barrel MKI, an MKII and a bull barrel 22/45 with target sights that I like very well also.
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