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Well, I'm looking to buy some +P 9mm in FMJ. The double tap don't offer fmj in that. Anyone know of any +P fmj?
If you're indeed looking for +P and not +P+, 9mm NATO is what you're after.

NATO max pressure is slightly less than SAAMI +P max pressure but is higher than the normal SAAMI or CIP 9mm standards; however, unlike SAAMI and CIP, NATO ammo is certified to deliver a minimum velocity under specific test conditions, so it has to be loaded pretty hot, whereas commercial FMJ practice ammo is often loaded at low pressure to prevent failures of older and relatively fragile guns.

All 9mm NATO uses FMJ bullets. IIRC the NATO standard allows a ~20gr range of permissible bullet weights, but AFAIK all NATO loads that are commonly available in the USA use 124gr bullets.
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