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This forum is very helpful and normally very tolerant for the noob and the not so noob. Personally if I were going to compete or shoot at 1000 yards or long ranges I would buy once, I'd look for advice on the best action, caliber, gunsmith etc from this forum. My uninformed opinion would be a fast, heavy bullet would perform best. In most of the rags, that points to 338 lapua or maybe even 50 bmg. It would be my first thought as well, and while I would be a relative noob (have shot 500yds many times many moons ago), I'm not a noob to shooting. This would be the place to start and I'd probably ask the same questions. A bit surprised at some comments. The noob only knows what he sees eithe in video games or on tv. How many of you have brought someone to the range to shoot a pistol for the first time? That can be the most humbling experience for a person, but I try to prepare them for how difficult it is. I don't want to discourage anyone from shooting.
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