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I have a pre-'64 Model 70 in 300 H&H Magnum with a Weaver Alaskan scope that my dad's best friend, our family doctor bought in about 1951 for a hunting trip to the Yukon. He returned with a moose, an elk, a caribou and a Dall ram on their way from a taxidermist in Dawson. The gun went into his gun rack never to be used again- the only hunting he ever did after that trip was for white tail in the Adirondacks with a Model 94 he bought at the same time, the Model 70 was too much gun for that and besides, it kicked him too hard. When the trophies got delivered, he discovered that all but the sheep were too big to fit in his house, so they got hung in the garage. The sheep dominated the living room until his wife retired it to the garage with its partners. The rifle remained unfired for about 40 years until the doctor gave me his small collection because his new wife (the original had died) didn't like guns. It had been well kept (I had oiled it periodically, along with the others that I cleaned and maintained for him over the years) and it now sits in my rack, along with the original box of ammunition that came back from the Yukon. I've shot it with new factory ammunition and have reloaded the new cases, working up a load that's pretty accurate. I've thought of a new more modern scope, but it seemed best to leave it in the configuration it has always been in, in memory of the man and his friendship of 80 years with my father.
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