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Neat little rifles! Sorry, I don't have one (yet?), just had to post.

Some thoughts though:
I had a Ruger 96/44 for a while, the rotary magazine works great for feeding rimmed cartridges. Never had a bit of trouble with it. It does limit your OAL range, but no worse than one of the little Marlin lever guns will.

Don't "load hot" or whatever else it is people think you can do with it just because you're using your "pistol cartridges" in a rifle. Max .357 pressure is max .357 pressure, irrespective of barrel length. That said, H110/WW296 should get you good velocities and accuracy.

Originally Posted by tahunua001
still undecided on my brothers 357m77. he has such serious shifts in point of impact depending on the ammo he uses that I don't even know hwy he still bothers tinkering.
100% normal in my experience with different .44 Mag and .357 carbines. The pistol calibers come in wildly varying power levels. It's really best to try them out for groups, find what it shoots best for your intended use and sight in for that ammo. I distinctly remember my 96/44 would shoot my plinking loads 12-15" low at 100-yards when zeroed with full-power 240gr XTPs. My dad had a Marlin in .357 that exhibited the same tendencies as well, depending on what bullet weight and velocity you were feeding it.
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