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My gandfather owned a pre 64 model 70 winchester in .30-06, he bought it brand new from the hardware store in the little town I grew up in (not sure what year he bought it) that was one of, if not the best shooting rifle I've ever seen in my life and I've owned a bunch of good ones including custom built rifles, that old model 70 shot any weight of bullet you put through it with incredible accuracy! I shot a 1 ragged hole 5 shot group at 100 yards with the old rifle the last time I shot it. It was grandfathered to me but I let my uncle keep the rifle knowing it would never ever leave the family. I swear I can spot a pre 64 model 70 winchester a mile away! . I had a chance to own a brand new pre 64 win mod 70 in .264 win mag many years ago when I was 16 or 17 and let it get away, (stupid kid I was!) That old gun had the 2 original old yellow boxes of winchester super X ammo with it that was bought with the rifle new, I guess it wasn't brand new there were 2 fired cases in one of the boxes, the story was the guy that bought it wanted to try deer hunting but after firing the gun twice it kicked harder than he could stand so he put it away for all those years and basicly forgot about it, when he passed away his family sold it to a friend of mine for 100.00 dollars, It was offered to me for 250.00 and I let it get away. That one stil haunts me!
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