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I have always liked the looks of the rugers, my dad had an older m77 .300 win mag walnut stock and everytime he hunted in any kind of wet weather the gun would have to be shot and rezeroed, we were getting ready for an elk hunt one year and I remember him getting so pi$$ed at that rifle he had it by the barrrel and was about to wrap it around a tree! (He tried having it glass bedded by a noted gunsmith and stil had the same problem) He hated that rifle with a passion, sold it and bought a remington model 700 .300 win mag and has loved that rifle from day 1, I have had mixed results with the model 77s also, I owned a .338 win mag m77 walnut stock, older rifle in incredible like new condition, that gun kicked harder than any rifle I ever owned and about ruined me with flinching (my own fault) I finally sold it. I bought a M77 in 7mm rem mag and it turned out to be a tack driver! Be careful if you tighten the screws up on the floor plate, its notorious for breaking, they actually make a steel replacement which IMO should be on the rifle in the first place! The last brand new ruger i bought was a M77 VMBBZ .17HMR, I put a jard aftermarket trigger in it, leupold 6-18 AO, It was a decent shooting rifle. I have owned at least 12 or 15 M77s over the years, I don't currently own any M77s nor intend to just not for me, I love the ruger no. 1s and there revolvers tho
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