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People certainly are hung up on +P JHP ammo these days. It almost seems incomprehensible that we were able to kill millions of people with non expanding bullets for the last hundred years or so. Think of all the people shot during the Civil War with lead balls. They must have been wimps.
Tattoo this to your forehead backwards. "WAR OF ATRITION" Then look in the mirror everyday and you'll get it. LOL Just kidding I'm being a snart buttt.

To the OP, I think recoil is one of your issue's, don't ask me why, I'm really smart. LOL

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How many people have you actually seen shot with 38 wadcutters?

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And, at least we agree that a hard cast wadcutter at a decent velocity is better than nothing.

I carry 135g GDHPs +Ps in my S&W .38 air weight, the recoil is pretty snappy for a fallow up shot, but if only had just 147g wadcutters to load my CCW, I'd sleep like a baby with faith in my loads. Of course the good stuff.

Food for thought.

TBS, a .38spl is not known (61.125488544%) as a first shot take down round, unlike a 44mag. So,...fallow up low recoil shots on target could be the ya or na of the take down.
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