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I think the 1895G is my most favorite of all the rifles I've ever owned. It's big bore, compact, light, easy to dis/re-assemble, ergonomically pleasing, quick handling, and nostalgic.

It needed a few mods to suit me and make it near perfect. First off, enough good can not be said about the WWG Happy trigger for it. Breaks like a glass rod as noted and makes it much more shootable as compared to the factory trigger. A decent set of Williams peep sights to increase the sight radius and makes using the sights much faster than the barrel mounted rail sight. A big loop lever made it much more comfortable to shoot than the teeny factory lever loop, and allows the use of gloves for winter/hunting. A Blackhawk combo cheek-pad/cartridge carrier (stock 5 rounds, which I modded to hold 8 rounds). It cinches up rock solid to the stock, unlike most nylon stock mount cartridge carriers! I bought it for the cartridge carrier but love it for the cheek-pad which helps very much from your cheek getting tenderized from heavy recoil of extended range sessions with it, and permits a very good and repeatable cheek weld. Lastly, a leather GI M1A sling which works wonderful for the rifle and is as if it was made for it.

These few mods made it one of the best rifles I've ever owned. I took two Deer with it. Both with one shot, DRT. It loves 400-405 grain lead boolits. One caution, it likes fat bullets. If you try to shoot factory cowboy loads in it, you'll be cleaning lead out of it for a week. The cobow loads seem to be tyically sized to .457. Stick to .459 or .460 and you'll have no problems with leading from lead bullets.

You wont ever regret buying an 1895G.
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