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Originally Posted by Chowder
I do plan on reloading eventually I just don't have the space right now do be able to have the set up I want. In less than a year I will be moving and will have much more space so I might start collecting the equipment before I move.
Not much space required. Everything I need to load for 7 calibers fits in three toolboxes the largest of which is 10" x 10" x 23" plus a folding workbench and a dropcloth. Add a couple of books (loading manuals) and I can set up in a 4' x4' space in about 10 minutes and be loading. Teardown is even quicker. The drop keeps everything tidy.

Cost? For the price of 20 boxes of 44 ammo you can buy a first-class basic loading setup and enough components to load those same 1,000 rounds. Or for the cost of 10 boxes of 44 you can buy a minimal setup and enough components to load 500 rounds. And the minimal setup can be expanded later.

I'm not going to leave you any excuse to escape beginning your loading right now. (I'm just a zealot, sorry.)

By the way. Nice find. The Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum is a beautiful piece of engineering.

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