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All excellent replies thank you. I'm not rich and have not been able to afford any formal training in the past but would consider looking into something if its affordable. Its just that I've never considered my community dangerous per-se' and over the years have only carried occasionally or for mostly recreational use (hiking, fishing, etc.) until the Clackamas incident hit home... like just down the road. I discussed with my peers about

I'm not ignorant on the subject though... at least not totally I've had a CHL for almost 20 years, read the laws for my state and understand AOJ, practice at the range or in the woods, studied some training videos many years ago and became 'good' drawing and firing from concealed. So when I discussed with my circle about recent events I defended the 'more guns = less crime' argument with what Meli did in the mall that day.... which is all fine an dandy until it sinks in the reality of asking myself if I would have done the same.

So I guess until I can afford, if ever, real certified training... I will buy some current books, revisit my training, and study the different scenarios but incorporate the idea of a mass shooting in the plan - that's the new one for me. I of course do not want to shoot anyone, not even a bad guy, I just want to come home at the end of the day.
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