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Primer pocket too large in federal brass?

Still new to reloading... matter of fact I haven't fired a round I've loaded out of my rifle yet. I'm reloading once fired federal .270 brass. I've noticed that some of the primers in the factory ammo appeared to have been sealed with lacquer (or something similar).

Now that I'm reloading, I've noticed quite a few primer pockets that are quite loose (1 in 10 are loose enough that I can almost seat the primer with my hand). I've been throwing the worst offenders away, but even the rest of the primers aren't what I would call a "nice snug fit." Does Federal load their ammo hot, or are the primer pockets slightly oversized? After a little bit of google research, I think what I need is a primer pocket swager. Anyone with any wisdom or guidance to confirm my thoughts so I get a good warm and fuzzy, or if I'm wrong please tell me. I'm not dying to spend more money on reloading right now (my wife may stab me in my sleep), but this rifle is primary reason why I wanted to reload in the first place.
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