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So I brought the gun inside from the cold. It's 9 degrees outside right now. It's been in the car for a month and a half.

When I brought it inside I field stripped it and wiped down everything, then using a hair dryer on everything - even the barrel and recoil spring. I used the hair dryer on it for a couple mins. Then I wiped everything down again with a t-shirt, put it back together, then put it back in my car. Was that the right way? Is the Glock good to go? I just wanted to be sure that I did the right thing after brining it from cold into warm house, then putting it back into cold car.

I don't know of you can visually see the wet condensation from brining it in from cold to warm, it didn't look wet or didnt see moisture anywhere, but i still wiped it down and blow dryer it before putting it back in my cold car. Hope that was the "proper way" to do it. Not sure if Glocks really even need to worry about this or not but did it just in case.
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