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I have tons of experience with the '73. Remember first that you're talking about a revolver round, not a rifle round. Any round that will shoot in a revolver will do just fine in a '73. If you're not a Cowboy Shooter you'll never likely shoot the gun enough to hurt it. These clones are made with modern high grade steel of a quality far higher than anything available in the late 1800s. If you stay away from light bullets, say less than 140 gr you won't have a problem with bullets 'blowing up'. I've killed may deer with a Marlin lever action in .357. Stay under 100 yards and take care with your shots and you'll do fine. The only time a bullet failed to exit, shooting through the chest, was one my daughter killed. It ran maybe 20 yards then dropped. The '73 will shoot a .44-40 round pushing a 200 gr bullet at least 1200 fps. The .357 will likely hit 1600 fps from a rifle but the bullet is only 158 gr. Not really that much difference.
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