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I measure the extractor groove and spin the case around looking for run out.
Then I fire the case.
Then I measure the extractor groove again and spin it around looking for increase anywhere around the circle.

This is so much better than anything else for cartridges with loose primer pockets being the weak link in a strong gun.

1) In 6mmBR I work up until the primer pierces with CCI450 primers.
2) In 38 special I do not work up loads until the cases are sticky with fast powder, because the chamber may split first.

Those two don't count. But with large Boxer primer Mauser case heads [22-250 to 35W] and belted magnum heads [7mmRM], and .222 parent case heads [.223], this is what works best for me.

Waiting for primers to fall out or feeling primer insertion force or measuring pressure with a strain gauge is just not as good an indicator.

REAL engineers ask the question over and over, "What are you trying to accomplish" until they wear people down to the truth.
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The word 'forum" does not mean "not criticizing books."
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