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The O.P. was reloading back in July of 2009 (I clicked on his ID and peeked at his previous posts. Took about a minute.) He has started a couple of threads about Cowboy Action Shooting and posted some questions about bullet mold sizes.

So, while he did not provide this information in the beginning, I suspect he is interested in CASS with a gun that will double as a "big banger"

Unfortunately, the Super Blackhawk (and most all Blackhawks) will not fit in the CASS scene, as they have adjustable sights. Purist groups will ostrasize anyone using such a gun, but some who are not as strict will allow it.

I think it might be tough to find a 44 Mag with fixed sights that will fit the CASS mold.

If you want a 45 Colt capable of the really heavy 45 Colt loads, the same limitations apply.

However, the Ruger New Vaquero in 45 Colt or 44 Special/44 Russian (both cartridges that were used in the proper historical time frame to qualify for CASS) might be just the ticket.

Good luck.

Lost Sheep

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