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I have not spoken with the Quickload author, but I have spoken with the guy at when I update Quickload.
These are nice people, and I am told the author reads the American gun forums.

I have bought two copies of Quickload, one for me in WA and one for me when I am in MT. That is because I don't want to call my wife and ask her to turn on my computer.

I would pay 10X or 20X the current price to get Quickload, if I had to.

Running QL calculations is happening on lots of gun forums. That has got to be a mixture of QL loosing money and QL making money with publicity.

Clark Magnuson Post reply 9/23/00

I started out a month a ago to develop a 9mm load. I kept track of
powders, powder charge, bullet, and overall length with a spread sheet.
Someone with Quick Load software helped me with the inner ballistics of
some of the loads.
Power Pistol
Blue Dot...
Within two months, I bought my own copy of Quickload.
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