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Originally Posted by Bud Helms View Post
LockedBreech, I'm not that easily offended. Here is a scenario.

You get home from the range and walk in the house with your Sig still holstered. You go into the study and set down your gear. Unholster your weapon and lay it on the table.

Your five year old son comes in and runs to you for a hug. You walk to the kitchen with him to ask Mommy if Johnny can have a cookie. Mommy says okay. You look around and Johnny is not in sight.

You hotfoot it into the study and there stands Johnny looking down at the Sig. You sweep it up and holster it.

The weapon was last made safe at the range, then holstered for the ride home. It is safe ... until 15 minutes later you finally get ready to clean it and find one in the chamber. How is that for an "oops moment"?

There are a million of these situations waiting for us.
I really need to get out of my own head sometimes. I'm a young student who lives alone, as do most of my friends, I forget others have kids/spouses/family to worry about too.
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