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Exactly Mr.revolverguy! Shot placement is 100 percent key! Like I said I slaughter from time to time and all I have ever used is a .22 magnum, when you see a 1500 pound beef fold up like a lawn chair from a little 40 grain .22 cal bullet its a tad bit on the impressive side to say the least! The big .500 S&W is a VERY potent round!! the hog hunt I seen on the outdoor channel using the .500 was obviously poor shot placement as that round would have smashed a hog if hit properly! I hit a steel gong type target with my .500 revolver and it litterally swung the big heavy plate up and so far it unhooked the chains and the whole thing fell to the ground! We were hitting the same target with a .357 and .44 magnum and they would slightly swing the heavy plate but the big .500 actually lifted and unhooked it!
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