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I'm trying to find a load that will shoot flat out to 100 -150 yards. 37 gr. of IMR 4064 under a 300 JHP was pleasant to shoot but had too much drop from 50 to 100. I'm playing now with 60 to 64 gr. Shoots flat but the scope base came loos before I got to shoot and groups. Lyman's book calls for (and this is off the top of head so not scold if I'm a little off) 35 Min. 42. Max. I found 37 nice. Went to Hodgan's site and it says (again of the top of my head) 56 gr. Min 64.5 Max. (Yah, can't figure that one out ether since both are supposed specific Marlin 1985 load data). I was shooting 60.0 and 64.0 and the gun eats it like candy. Then the scope shook loose.
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