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3" or 4" barrel 38 spl - what should I be looking for?

I currently carry a Ruger LCR for CCW. I'd like to pick up something with a 3" barrel - 4" maximum for CCW on the belt once in a while. I'm a 38 special lover - more in to shooting standard and not +P, etc.

In the 4" barrel - I've been looking at possibly a Colt Army Special/Official Police or a S & W M & P. I have both of those in 6" barrel length and based on those, I'd lean towards the S & W.

I know that S & W currently makes a model in 3" length. K frame I believe? I'd be looking at blue rather than shiny. I also want SA/DA. That said, what are my options in regards to models? I like vintage revolvers so as long as it's tight and in good shape, I'd be happy with something used/vintage - or, if there is something new out there that is reasonably priced.

I don't care if the finish is 100% as long as if it is used/vintage, it is in good operating condition. What price range should I expect to pay for a fair price on either a blued Colt AS/OP or a S & W M & P with a 4" barrel?

Are there other brands that offer 3" barrel length that I should be considering as well? It may seem strange to some that I'd want a longer barrel over the LCR snubby but I primarily carry when I'm in AZ - have always carried OTB and usually have a shirt tail out which would cover the print of a 3" barrel (or 4" if I went that route with the more vintage Colt OP or S & W M & P)
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