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Edward5759 and Eppie, when the .308 was popular for NRA matches, ball powders were never popular with the winners and record setters. Lake City tried ball powders in their M118 match ammo much to the disgust of top ranked competitors. The US Palma Team tried ball powder for Sierra's 155 grain bullet when it was new; ball powder did produce the most uniform charge weights but the worst for accuracy. Even benchresters prefer stick powder

Stick powder metered to 4/10ths grain spread will deliver 4 inch groups at 600 yards and under 10 inches at 1000. It's been doing that for decades in .308 Win. Federal Gold Medal match ammo. Stick powder metered to 3/10ths grain shot Sierra's 155's into 3 inches or better at 600 yards in well built Palma rifles.

Edward5759, if your 190's from a .308 don't stay supersonic through 1000 yards, they're leaving way too slow. That bullet's been a winner leaving .308 Win. cases for decades at 1000 yards. It'll easily leave a 24 inch barrel at 2550 to 2600 fps with safe pressures which is fast enough to stay supersonic at 1000. I've shot thousands of them at 1000 and never had one go subsonic.

tkglazie, that Palma load I menioned above with 155's was loaded on two Dillon 1050 progressives. It shot about 1 MOA at 1000 yards.
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