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Originally Posted by Sure Shot Mc Gee View Post
You probably won't be able to return the Triple 777 to the store. As most stores won't accept powder returns. ( I would ask though just to make sure) So just keep it. Maybe sell it later down the road to some other inline shooter. Or perhaps the day will come when you may want to try a in-line yourself. Kept covered with a tight cap. Triple 777 won't spoil that's for sure. No Harm-No foul. Just down $23.00 and change in the wallet is all._ BY the way next time you go to buy Caps. Look at CCIs #11-Mag caps. A very good cap its been for me over the years. A little hotter than Standard #11s for a few more pennys per tin is all. (CCI #11-Mag caps)
Well crap. Is it unsafe to use in my rifle? Or is it just a reliability issue?

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