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The PM9 is not "snappy". In fact its remarkably soft shooting.
While its no 9mm 1911, Glock 17, CZ75 or BHP it is miles away from the kick of a alloy snubbie, Glock 27 or even the little LCP.

As for the weight of a MK... its a very nice frame, but I wouldnt carry it.
I'd heft around a Glock 27 loaded with 9+1 of .40 long before I'd haul around the MK with only 6+1 of 9mm.
But I measure these things in terms of firepower and capacity per ounce... YMMV.

I've owned two PM9's and still have one, they've both been perfect beyond round number 20 or so. They're tight out of the box and I also quickly discoverd that the 7-round mags are crap. I sent it back to Kahr and they swapped it out for a 6-rounder no questions asked.
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