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You could really tell it was made to a price point.
That pretty much sums up the S&W right there.

The point I'm legitimitely trying to make is: If you were to put the MK3, 22a, and Buckmark together- and try 10 different brands of various ammo ( Bulk/ Premium/ HP/ RN/ Lead/ copper washed etc.: It's just my opinion resulting from personal experiences/ ammo testing, and what I see -that the Ruger would edge the other 2 out.
It might be minor point and it might not..
My S&W is a 22/s, not a 22/a.
It's all steel.

Some Ruger owners polish the feed ramp which takes but a few minutes- then wow- you have a superb feeding machine that eats just about
As do I.
The problem isn't that feed ramp is rough, it's that the feed ramp is sometimes too short and has a horrid ragged edge on it from the stamping process.
All of my Ruger's, with the exception of the one Mark II .22/45, experience feed problems when using hollow point bullets under 40 grains.(Winchester X-Pert).
Someone here suggested a fix for it - a dab of hot glue on the front of the magazine.
I never got around to trying it since K-Mart, which had been my source for cheap .22 X-Pert ammo, closed up.

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