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I disagree with unclenick..../ especially on shotshell reloading...but...yes, I think this is a very good time to get into reloading...and making it a part of your overall gun hobby.

I think there is money to be saved on shotshells ( but that isn't what you asked about probably )...but my shotshell reloads are under $ 3.50 for a box of 12ga 1 oz loads....and in my area cheap 12ga target loads are $6 a box..and I'm reloading a premium shell.

On metallic the savings are very big ...I load a premium bullet (Montana Gold) and my 9mm reloads are under $7 a box ...and retail ammo is $ 12-$ 16 a box in my area...and reloads for .357 mag are $8 a box ..and retail is $20 or more.../ if you want to get into bullet casting - and like shooting lead nosed bullets...consider that / but to me, casting is a pain in the butt and I'll take the savings buying my bullets.

You've been reloading for over 30yrs.../I think you were saying, so yes, why not get into a good progressive loader....load some very good ammo / and cut the time down that it takes to make good ammo. Personally I like the Dillon 650 for a metallic press...but Hornaday LNL is also a good machine..

but no reason not to get into primers in case lots (5,000 per case), buy your bullets in case lots ( 2,000 - 4,000 depending on what you want & caliber) ...and powder in 8lb kegs...and you probably have all the extras you need - calipers, case cleaner, etc. anyway....

If you're shooting .223 and .308 in AR platforms....I sure wouldn't want to reload that ammo in a single stage. I can see using a single stage for a bolt action hunting rifle...where you're only going to shoot 50 rds a year...but not for semi-auto rifles ..or handgun volumes.../ go with a progressive press.

Many of us would reload ...even if the cost savings was a push ...because we like it / and we like tailoring our cartridges and shells to exactly what we want to shoot..

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