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I remember when the big .500 was about to be released I watched a show on the outdoor channel of a couple guys hog hunting with it, I wouldn't of aired the film it was so ridiculous, they shot 3 or 4 big hogs with the .500 and had to shoot them several times except for one I remember (shot placement unknown but couldn't of been good?), I remember thinking holy cow what a joke! I have 100 percent faith and cofidence I could have smoked any of them hogs with one shot from a .22 magnum! I help a guy out butchering from time to time, he's a meat cutter and gets me to do the slaughtering, all I use is a .22 magnum. Moral of the story is it definately was a horrible debut for the big .500 IMO, very short of impressive! Didn't stop me from owning 2 of them
I do not care what caliber you are shooting shot placement is still very important. I have seen some guys that think a larger caliber means they can be a little more inaccurate which is very far from the truth.

Shoot what you can handle -- accurately.
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