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training/use of force lessons..

The Ayoob clip wasn't that complex & the training drill was not slanted.
As Massad Ayoob explained, the students(all veteran LE trainers, armed professionals or military spec ops) had to take a older family member to the airport in a SUV & be ready to engage a threat at any time.
What the seminar members did not know was that a cadre was hidden under a pile of gear & bags. Only Ayoob and a medical professional who deals with LE, quickly IDed the threat(bad guy). That's out of 130 students.
A few students did engage the armed subject but were "killed".
Some did nothing & complied with the "bad guy". They were murdered at point blank range. Ayoob remarked that the training drill left a few of the seminar members with PTSD & mental health issues.
The video clip is worth viewing. Ayoob is a "straight shooter" & has taught 100s of armed citizens/sworn LE officers.

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