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When I started working on a load for my .257 weatherby my goal was to get an 80 grain bullet to travel as fast as I could get and be accurate, all of my loading manuals were quite similiar in suggested powders and velocities, the bullet I chose was the 80 grain barnes ttsx, I figured if any bullet had a prayer of holding together at the velocities I was expecting to get it would be the barnes, everything in my manuals pointed toward IMR 4831 so I gave it a try, I started at the bottom and worked my up til I could see pressure sighns, I chronographed all the way through and never got close to the velocities my manuals showed, I tried reloader 22 and got the same results. My tried and true favorite of favorite powder is and always has been H-4350 so I gave it a try thinking it would give quite a bit up in velocity compared to the previous 2 powders since the burn rate was faster, I worked up with it and achieved my velocity goal fairly easy with no sighns of excess pressure, the little 80 grain bullet was going over my chrono at 3700 fps and that was what I was hoping for, next and most important was how well they shot at 100 yrds, I loaded up my bench, caldwell rock front and sandbags and headed to the sandpit, the rifle shot a true 5 shot 1" group with that load. Moral of the story is the powder I figured I could get the velocity with I DIDN'T, and the one I figured wouldn't DID! Go figure
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