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Picked up a box of federal fusion 120s yesterday and gave them a try. I have reached my goal. This is by far the most accurate of the 3 types of ammo I have tried. My best of three three-shot groups was 3/4" center to center with two of them touching. All three were less than 1.25". In the hands of a better shooter Im sure it would group better, but 3/4" is more than good enough for me. I will very seldom see a shot oppourtunity over 200yds while hunting, and most of my shots are are under 100yds. I think that will make the 120 grain bullets better also ballistically. A little slower speed and a little tougher bullet might keep me from exploding a bullet on a deer's shoulder at very short range. It feels good to be satisfied. Thanks everyone for all the great advice
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