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So, does a queer tourist with a CCW carry 3 fanny packs?
The summer I spent working in Colorado was most informative as to what is carried by men(?) and which men carry a firearm. I saw lots of fanny packs, lots of the smallish one shoulder packs, lots of man purses, lots of floppy,sloppy shirts, and the occasional open carry guy. I even saw a few guys who , like me, wore a vest. I was asked several times how the fishing was on the river.
One day, I thought I could slip into the QT and grab a cup of coffee. Got inside and realized I'd forgot to put on my vest. Oh well, it'll only take 15 seconds. Must have been a bus around back and suddenly the place was flooded with customers. I had to stand in line for 10 minutes waiting to pay with all these tree hugging tour bus types getting way too close. Nobody noticed. Not even the guy who barged into me and almost dumped my coffee.
Keep that elbow tucked and wear a snug holster.
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